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Whats Included

FREE    Trial to Boot Camp!

FREE  –  Nutrition Advice to complement your training

FREE  –  Ebook 20 Ways To Lose Belly Fast Fast!

FREE    Healthy & Delicious Recipes ebook

FREE    Personalised Weight Loss Meal Plans


Burn fat and get fit! – Fitness Camp Asia is an outdoor based fitness program, your results will come faster due to our scientifically proven break-through system that incorporates suspension training, designed to combine core strengthening and body toning, with interval cardio & resistance training to firm, tone, tighten and sculpt you’re your entire body all in under one hour!.

Managing Director of Fitness Camp Asia, Leroy Ford comments, “Outdoor Boot Camp training is America and Australia’s fastest growing fitness trend. I’ve spent a lot of my life in gyms, but realised that many people are intimidated by the equipment, loud music, and confined space that most gyms provide, so I decided to tap the benefits and freedom of the outdoors.”

Bootcamp training in the fresh air will allow you to challenge yourself without the intimidation of complicated fitness equipment or cramped gyms.   


“Not only do you get the benefits of health

& fitness,  meeting new people, and

encouragement, you also  get it at a low

cost compared to personal training.”

                                                 ~ James Ray